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From: Malaysia
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Winston Edghill
Latest entry:More "First Shots of 2010" - Nuff, Nuff Reflections
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Matt Marzuki
Latest entry:I shoot weddings still. Anyone wanna hire me?
I've been doing a lot of event and commercial shoots that I've laid off shooting weddings until recently. Well, I'm back shooting weddings and hopefully will pick up this year. Matt Marzuki Photography 012 382 8476 View this Fotopage entry
Harni Lai
Latest entry:Notice
Dear Friends, I am currently hooked on Facebook. Anyway, you can see my latest updates in my blog: You won't be hearing from me in this FP for quite some time (sbb aku malas nak update bebanyak..) Se you there! View this Fotopage entry
Lepak kat Arab Street
scharewl concept
Latest entry:Rumah Baru
Kepada yang bertanya bilakah update-update terbaru aku, boleh Lebih berwarna-warni :P. View this Fotopage entry
Hafizudin Mohd Safar personal fotopages
Latest entry:Mima & Ehsan | Jejawi, Perlis
Mohd Ihsan Afees Radzi & NurHamima Iswati Datuk Ishak ... sory folks. bz with something. just uploading this 1 piece of pix to let everyone knows that they are nither single not available hehe! Both were my junior at Derma Sekendery Skool. All the very besh wishes from me, old friends. 012-5389031 View this Fotopage entry
Ayu & Edment
Wan Mohd Faizal Wan Zainus
Latest entry:DIY Wireless Digital Alarm System
Aku nak introduce product baru - DIY Wireless Digital Alarm System!!! Aku dah test & pasang kat umah adik aku as first customer. Memang mudah dan murah. Bayangkan rumah korang protected by this system, kalau ada orang pecah masuk & alarm trigger, system ni akan call korang so that boleh take action. Boleh letak 6 no phone untuk dipanggil masa emergency dan akan keep on dialling selagi takde yang acknowledge. Selain dari remote dan keypad pada main unit untuk control system ni, korang juga boleh guna any p... View this Fotopage entry
Jennifer Md Jalil
Latest entry:Selamat Hari Raya
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Aneeta Kajah Ahmad
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Jeram Besu 54
aaa aaa
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